The World’s Biggest Resort Hotel Is Now in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has announced the construction of its first luxury hotel and resort in the Costa Rican capital of Managua, with a capacity of 2,500 rooms.

The new hotel, the Crystal Palace Hotel, is expected to open in 2018.

Its name translates to “gold and white,” but the hotel is known for its green space.

It is located on the edge of a vast lake, in the center of Manahua, a resort town on the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica.

Its main attraction will be the Crystal Fountain, a spectacular 1,400-meter-tall water feature that was the centerpiece of the country’s original pyramids.

The Crystal Fountain will have a swimming pool, a spa, and an indoor pool, and will be a spectacular attraction for visitors to Managuanas resort.

The hotel will also offer hotel-like accommodations, such as private rooms, an outdoor pool, sauna, saunas, saucers, gyms, a sauna room, and a hot tub.

The palace will feature a hotel-style spa, restaurants, an arcade, an auditorium, a gymnasium, and many other amenities.

The Palace Hotel will be one of the first luxury hotels built in Costa Rican history, and the countrys first luxury resort hotel.

It will feature over 40 restaurants and bars, and has been named as one of Costa Ricans most exciting development projects.

Costa Ricas government is looking to capitalize on the country s tourism boom by expanding the hotel sector.

Costa Ricos tourism and hotel industry has grown exponentially in recent years, and now account for nearly 10% of Costa Rican GDP.

The Costa Ricas tourism sector is growing at a pace that is expected by 2021, which is expected as the country has an aging population.

With the new Crystal Palace hotel, Costa Rica is now poised to be a leading destination for Costa Ricians to experience a more intimate luxury experience in Costa Rico.

The country is also looking to build more hotel rooms, and is already investing heavily in hotels and resorts, which will help the country attract tourists.