The Best and Worst of Pop Culture in 30 Days

Here are the best and worst things that happened in 30 days, in the pop culture world.

The Best of Pop Music 1.

The “Big Bang Theory” Episode 3 (March 18, 2018) When we think of The Big Bang Theory, the first thing that comes to mind is the big bang.

The idea of an explosion is something we have all experienced at one time or another.

We’ve seen the explosion of a large object, the explosion in a ball, the popping of a piece of popcorn.

But the explosion is really just a small, quick flash of light, and the explosion doesn’t happen all at once.

In a way, the “Big” is a lot more like a light bulb than an explosion, a big bang, a huge boom.

It’s the same way we can see the light from a movie screen, but that film doesn’t just flash on and off like the movie itself.

It doesn’t last forever, and it’s not a continuous event.

It lasts as a burst of energy that doesn’t dissipate.

It just happens to come from something that is already there.

The episode that follows the Big Bang was one of the most watched in show history, with an average of more than 9 million viewers tuning in, and another 3.7 million watching on TV. 2.

The Biggest Surprise of 2018 (May 1, 2018).

The best and the worst of 2018, in one post.

The most surprising is the fact that Netflix didn’t get to see the big reveal that would have been the “real” Big Bang.

There was a massive delay after Netflix announced that it was coming out with the second season of the hit show, and after the show’s first season finale, there were multiple rumors that the show would never air again.

That was before the show actually premiered on Netflix, and so the fans had to wait until May 1 to finally see the real Big Bang, which they finally did on May 2.


The Worst Movie of 2018 and the Best Movie of 2019 (July 10, 2018), as ranked by our writers.

The movies in this list are based on the amount of viewers who watched them.

The writers put their picks together by taking the total number of people who watched a movie, subtracting people who did not watch it, and dividing by the total amount of people watching a movie.

The results are the number of times a movie has made the list.

If a movie was ranked higher than any of the others on the list, the writer put it at the top of the list for that particular movie, but the other movies were not.

This means that the best movie is likely to be the one that has the most viewers, and vice versa.

The best movie of 2018 was “Avengers: Infinity War,” which was ranked first on our list for the year.

It was one that we saw for the first time, and we were able to watch it for a total of nearly 4.5 hours.

The movie has a pretty good reputation in Hollywood, and our writers thought that it could have done very well, and they have a feeling that we will continue to like it.

The worst movie of 2019 was “Captain Fantastic,” which made the second worst list of all time.

That movie had a total audience of nearly 12 million, and a total gross of more then $8 million.

However, our writers have not been as impressed with the movie as some of the other critics.

The reason is that Captain Fantastic was so bad that the movie has become an internet meme.

It is still a popular meme, but it is not as popular as “Fantastic Four,” which is considered the greatest movie of all-time.

We feel that the “Captain Fantastic” meme is a bit overblown, but as we said, we think that the biggest reason it made the worst list is that it has made so many fans angry.


The Most Uncomfortable Movie of All-Time (August 5, 2018): The movie that you are most likely to have the most awkward conversation with is “Pete’s Dragon.”

This movie was not only one of Netflix’s most watched shows last year, it was also one of its most expensive, costing $30 million to make.

That cost is a significant amount, but there are some things that are still worth noting about this movie.

First, the film was not directed by director J.J. Abrams, but by his son, J.T. Abrams.

In addition to the fact we don’t know much about J. J. Abrams’ plans for this movie, we don, too.

The fact that we don