A tropical coral reef, a lighthouse, and a new Florida beach

A tropical reef, an ocean park and a lighthouse in Florida will open to the public this summer as part of a new beach aesthetic in the state, a tourism agency said on Friday.

The resort will be in the popular Cocoa Beach neighborhood of Fort Myers, a longtime beach destination for locals and tourists.

The new theme park will be called Brighton Beach, and will be located about 1.5 miles from the beach and just a half-mile from the Atlantic Ocean.

The attraction will be open for business on the first and second Saturdays of every month.

Brighton beach will feature a live music festival and beach volleyball.

It will be the first resort in the Sunshine State to have a resort theme park and resort attraction, said Michael D. Williams, the executive director of the Florida Keys Tourism Authority.

Brighto Beach will also feature a full-service bar and restaurants, with a bar named The Beach Bar, which will feature beers and cocktails, and “a cocktail lounge featuring cocktails that are locally sourced, crafted and created,” Williams said.

“We will have our own specialty menu of specialty cocktails.”

The resort is part of the larger Brighton development in the Fort Myers neighborhood of Orlando, which includes a popular restaurant, hotels, a retail space and a golf course.

Brightons developers have been working with the county for more than a decade to develop Brighton and other beachfront areas in the area, said Jennifer Pomerantz, a spokeswoman for the Fort Lauderdale-based tourism authority.

Pomeranz said Brighton’s opening comes less than a year after a similar beach-themed attraction opened in the city of Fort Lauderdale in December.

It was called The Bright Beach Resort.

The Fort Lauderdale attraction is owned by Brighton Properties.

“In the Fort Meyers area, we’ve seen the excitement and interest in Brighton over the past few years,” Pomerants said.

She added that Brighton has been a top destination in the region, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to the area each year.

“There is tremendous excitement for the resort,” Pomerman said.

In a statement, Brighton said the resort will include a “sport area, restaurant, shopping and entertainment,” and “the latest in beachside entertainment and food offerings.”

A Florida Keys spokesman said Brightons location in Fort Myers will complement the city’s existing tourist attractions, such as the popular Newport Beach Marina, the Blue Lagoon and the Boca Raton Beach Golf Course.

“The development of Brighton provides a significant new destination that will enhance Fort Myers as a destination for visitors, local businesses and the general public alike,” the statement said.

Brighten Beach will have four different areas, including a beach house and a bar, Pomerantes said.

The hotel will offer a fully equipped pool area with heated water, spa treatments and an outdoor deck, she said.