Glass Beach: The Most Dangerous Hotel in California

Glass Beach is a popular hotel on the southern edge of Clearwater Beach in California, with more than 10,000 rooms, a bar, and a casino.

This week, however, the hotel is facing criticism for hosting a party that included members of a local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.

The party was held in an area that is also home to a large KKK group, the Southern Cross Knights, who are notorious for violence.

This has been going on for years, and in the wake of the party, Glass Beach announced that the event would be shut down.

On Monday, members of the group were seen at the party in the parking lot of a nearby restaurant, and then at a party later that night at a local bar.

Members of the KKK are a small group, but they have been known to attend large gatherings and events, including those in California.

The group posted a video on YouTube claiming that the party was an act of “racism.”

“The Southern Cross Klan is proud to announce that it is staging a Klan-sponsored party tonight at the Glass Beach Resort and Spa, a location where we are not welcome,” the KKK posted.

“We will be hosting a KKK-sponsored gathering on Sunday, August 25th in order to make our point to the white people of Clearwaters and to express our disgust at their racial and religious bigotry.

We invite the members of this organization to come, join us and bring the KKK to the Glass Bar and Casino, where we will all enjoy a good time.”

A member of the Southern Front group, who is wearing a white T-shirt, said that the group is a local branch of the Klan, and said the party “is nothing but a ruse to promote their hate.”

“We do not want any of our members to come to this event,” the member said.

“There is a Klan group in the Clearwater area, and they have no right to come here.

They are a gang of thugs who have no business being here.”

Another member of Southern Front said the KKK has been in the area for years.

“The KKK is not welcome at Glass Beach,” he said.

Glass Beach has since announced that it will be temporarily shut down while they investigate the incident.

Glass is currently closed due to a fire, and police said that there are no reports of damage.

On Friday, Glass posted on its Facebook page that the hotel had been contacted by law enforcement, and that the police chief had assured them that there would be no violence or harm.

The hotel has also removed all of its Confederate flags from the parking lots.

The Southern Cross and other KKK groups have long had a presence in the resort.

According to The Associated Press, the group has been organizing rallies in Clearwater and other Southern cities in the past.

Glass also posted a photo on Facebook that showed a group of local police officers at the hotel.

The police chief, Kevin Pomeranz, told the AP that “police have the utmost respect for the law and our citizens.”

“Glass Beach Resort is a safe place to be and I appreciate their efforts in keeping everyone safe,” he wrote.

“I am confident in the police’s ability to protect the community, and the hotel will continue to operate as normal.”

On Sunday, local media reported that two people were arrested in connection with the party.

The sheriff’s department said that they arrested three people, but did not provide any details.

The deputy who arrested the men was identified as Officer John W. Crain, and his attorney, Andrew J. Williams, said in a statement that the department is not aware of any arrests made and that he will be speaking with his clients.