How to save money while visiting your favorite beaches

The long and short of it is that you should always visit a beach where there are lots of tourists, because this is the most efficient way to spend your money.

Here’s how: The best places to go in the summer: 1.

The Big Beach in California’s Long Beach 2.

The Santa Cruz Mountains in northern California 3.

The San Andreas Fault in northern Nevada 4.

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia’s Great Barrier Islands 5.

The Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia 6.

The Whitsundays in New Jersey 7.

The Gulf Islands in Florida 8.

The Rocky Mountains in Colorado 9.

The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador 10.

The Antarctic Circle in Antarctica 11.

The Pacific Ocean in Australia 12.

The South Pacific in New Zealand 13.

The Bering Sea in Alaska 14.

The Red Sea in the Middle East 15.

The Strait of Gibraltar in Spain 16.

The Atlantic Ocean in the Americas 17.

The Arabian Sea in Europe 18.

The Mediterranean Sea in Africa 19.

The North Atlantic in the Mediterranean 20.

The Arctic Ocean in North America 21.

The Southern Ocean in Antarctica 22.

The Indian Ocean in India 23.

The Western Pacific in Indonesia 24.

The Australian Antarctic Territory in Australia 25.

The Eastern Indian Ocean off Papua New Guinea 26.

The East Indian Ocean near Japan 27.

The Northern Mariana Islands off Indonesia 28.

The Philippines Sea off Malaysia 29.

The Philippine Sea off Vietnam 30.

The Central Pacific off the Pacific Ocean 31.

The Japanese archipelago off the Philippines 32.

The Solomon Islands off Papua Palawan 33.

The Cocos Islands off Cocos Island off the West Coast of Papua New Guinean 34.

The Falkland Islands off the Falkland islands off the Australian mainland 35.

The Cook Islands off Cook Islands 36.

The Federated States of Micronesia off Micronesian archipelagos 37.

The Tuvalu islands off Fiji 38.

The Kiribati islands off Kiribat 39.

The Palau Islands off Palau 40.

The Vanuatu islands off Vanuatane 41.

The American Samoa islands off New Zealand 42.

The Republic of Palau off the Palau archipelagic territory 43.

The New Caledonia islands off Australian territory 44.

The British Indian Ocean Territory off British Indian territory 45.

The Micronesic archipelagoes off the Solomon Islands 46.

The Commonwealth Islands off New Calamian territory 47.

The Hawaiian Islands off Hawaiian islands 48.

The French Polynesia islands off French Polynesian territory 49.

The Marshall Islands off Marshall Islands 50.

The Guam islands off Guam 51.

The US Virgin Islands off Virgin Islands 52.

The Saint Helena Islands off Saint Helena 53.

The Marianas Islands off Marianas Republic 54.

The Guadalcanal islands off Guadalupe Island 55.

The Spratly Islands off Sprat Islands 56.

The Paracel Islands off South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 57.

The Torres Strait Islands off Australia 58.

The Turks and Caicos Islands of the South China Sea 59.

The Malacca Strait islands off South China Seas 60.

The Celebes Islands off Celebes Island 61.

The Sunda Strait islands of the Philippines 62.

The Macau Islands of Macau 63.

The Nauru Islands of Nauruan 64.

The Saipan Islands of Singapore 65.

The Taiwan Strait Islands of Taiwan 66.

The West Indian Ocean Islands of New Zealand 67.

The Persian Gulf Islands of Oman 68.

The Equator Islands of Kiribah 69.

The Coral Sea Islands of South Georgia 70.

The Caspian Sea Islands off Kazakhstan 71.

The Straits of Malacca and the Strait of Malvinas 72.

The Amur Oceanic Islands of India 73.

The Horn of Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and the Southern Sea 74.

The Caribbean Sea of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the Arabian Gulf, the South Atlantic Ocean, The Indian River, the Gulf of Aden, the Pacific and Indian Oceans 75.

The Northwest Passage and the Indian River 76.

The Black Sea, the Sea of Japan, the Black Sea of China, and its South East Asian neighbors 77.

The Ionian Sea 78.

The Aegean Sea 79.

The Trans Sea, including the Gulf, and also the Strait and the Bosphorus 80.

The Yellow Sea, also the Gulf and the Straits 81.

The Turkish Straits 82.

The Greek-Turkish Sea 83.

The Siberian Ocean 84.

The Far East Ocean 85.

The Baltic Sea 86.

The Sea of Okhotsk 87.

The Oceans of the Pacific 88.

The Polar Sea 89.

The Tropics 90.

The Azores 91.

The Svalbard Islands 92.

The Exclusive Economic Zone of Iceland 93.

The International Date Line 94.

The European Economic Area 95.

The Irish Sea 96.

The Moroccan Gulf 97.

The Bay of Biscay 98.

The Norwegian Exclusive Economic Area