A Florida woman has accused police of using excessive force after she was allegedly robbed by a group of people who then dragged her from her car.

According to ABC News, Sherri Loughlin says a group pulled her from the back of a car while her husband and other passengers watched.

The man in the back seat was allegedly shot in the face and chest.

The other passengers fled.

Sherri Lufflin said she was driving down an Orlando highway when the driver of a white Toyota Camry pulled up alongside her, and two men in hooded sweatshirts grabbed her, dragged her out of her car, and robbed her.

Sherrie Loughlins husband, James Loughins, was also in the car.

She said the men demanded money and then ran off.

James Luffins said they called 911 to report that he was shot and needed to be taken to the hospital.

“I had to pull my car out of the ditch and I couldn’t get my license plate out,” he said.

“I got out and I was in shock.”

Loughlin’s husband says he drove to the scene of the incident and called police.

He was able to get to the Orlando Police Department, where he met with an officer and then went back to the Loughinys’ house to see the injuries.

“The officers had blood on them,” James Laugins said.

“It was a pretty bad scene, I think, but it wasn’t life threatening.

The car was just sitting there and there was no damage to the vehicle.”

Police told ABC News that an officer who responded to the call was fired and was placed on administrative leave.

The officer is still on paid leave, but police did not say whether he was fired or suspended.

The department did not provide any details about what the officer’s reason for firing was.ABC News’ Mark Segraves contributed to this report.