Arkansas beaches battered by storm – WLTX-TV

Arkansas beaches, as well as some downtown parks, are battered by the storm, and many have shut down.

The National Weather Service says Arkansas’ beaches are expected to remain closed until the middle of next week.

The storm is expected to dump heavy rain across the state and its territories, including Arkansas’ capital, Little Rock.

It is expected that winds will reach 110 mph and gusts up to 100 mph.

The storm is moving westward across Arkansas, with winds of at least 75 mph possible by the end of the day.

In Little Rock, there are some light showers and a thunderstorm warning, but the city will be closed until Friday.

The city’s streets will remain closed to all traffic until the storm passes.

The Arkansas State Capitol will remain open and will be open to public tours through Sunday.

The Capitol is closed for the holidays, and the Arkansas Department of Public Safety says people should avoid travel to the state capital, including downtown.

In the other cities affected, Arkansas Fire Department said a tornado watch remains in effect for the entire state and surrounding areas.

In Washington, the storm is forecast to dump more than 2 inches of rain on the region by Monday.

A storm surge advisory remains in place for Washington state.

In northern Arkansas, winds are expected up to 90 mph and possibly more as the storm approaches.

The heaviest rain is expected in Little Rock and nearby cities.

The National Weather Services predicts the rain will cause some flash flooding and flooding in some areas.

Heavy rains are expected throughout the state on Monday.

In Little Rock alone, the National Weather Center says flash flooding will be possible as high as 1 foot.

The weather system will continue to move westward.

The city of Little Rock has been evacuated.