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Glass beach, an ancient volcanic island on the western coast of Hawaii, has seen an amazing rebirth in the past few years.

In 2015, the glass washes over the beach and forms a new landscape with sand and stones.

Now, with the help of a glass wash, locals are building a new beach with a new aesthetic.

The new sand, sandstone, and coral are called the Glass Beach, and it’s now up to the community to create a sand-inspired island.

Glass beach is a Hawaiian word meaning “beautiful sand” that means there are no trees or rocks in the area.

The island will be constructed from sand and coral pieces.

Glass Beach is a temporary construction that’s designed to last for a few months.

In the interim, visitors can walk through the area, explore the ocean, or enjoy the beautiful natural environment.

Glass Beach is being constructed by local artists and local businesses.

It’s a new destination for locals and visitors alike to visit, and one that will change the lives of everyone in the neighborhood.

“This is something that’s been happening for years, but it’s just now getting noticed,” said Kristina Lutz, a glass designer and the Glass Island Community Development Coordinator.

“Everyone wants to come and enjoy this beautiful, beautiful sand beach.”

Lutz said she’s been making glass for about two years, and her goal is to build a beach that reflects the local culture.

“It’s very natural, it’s very fun,” she said.

“There’s so much to see in this area, so we’re hoping to create something that people can really enjoy.”

The island is being built with a temporary sand wash, which is made of a mixture of sand, coral, and clay, and will last for several months.

The sand wash will be poured into the sand and filled with sand, then covered with a layer of sand and sandstone.

The barrier will be left to form an island for about a month, before the barrier is removed and the sand removed.

The next step will be to remove the sand layer.

After that, the sand will be replaced by fresh sand and gravel, which will be deposited in a permanent sand wash.

“People love to see that sand and the coral,” said Lutz.

“I think that’s something people can’t get enough of.”

The beach will be open to the public for two weeks before the sand wash is removed.

This will allow for visitors to walk around the island, explore, and take photos.

For a limited time, Glass Island will offer free sand washings for residents and visitors.

The Glass Beach has been featured on the ABC News program World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor.