What you need to know about the cruise ship that was supposed to bring you to Florida

Posted June 02, 2018 07:07:24When the cruise line thought it had found the perfect vessel to carry passengers to Florida, it got excited about a new option.

Instead of the cruise liners that have been used by other cruise lines, the cruise ships used to travel the ocean, and that meant they had to have a ship that could carry 100 passengers.

But the idea was scrapped because the ships needed to travel on land.

That meant they needed to have ships that could sail between the coasts of two states, and there wasn’t a way to get them to Florida.

The cruise line decided to take a different route and build a ship out of scratch.

So what the cruise company built was a vessel that could dock at two points along the Florida coast, at the Miami-Dade port of entry and at the Florida Keys.

The ship would sail through the Keys with a ferry that would bring up passengers.

The problem was, it didn’t have a boat, nor a crew.

The company decided to build a boat out of steel.

The ship was dubbed the Long Beach, and it was built by the same company that built the ships in the past.

But this time, the Long Bay ship had an extra bit of equipment.

It had two decks, and a sail.

It could be used to dock in Miami-St. Petersburg, and if it could be built, it could also be used for the long-haul cruise to Florida and to other ports around the world.

So the ship was named the Venice, after the city in Venice, California.

And in 2018, it made its maiden voyage.

It sailed to Florida in September 2018, and then went on a cruise to New York, where it made stops in New Orleans, St. Petersburg and Atlanta.

Then it was on to the Caribbean, where the ship went on another voyage.

The Long Beach is expected to complete a maiden voyage in 2019.