How to watch the beach umbrella game on ESPN and Yahoo! leagues this season

The NHL announced Wednesday it is ending its beach umbrella rule, a move it said was needed to “balance the need to maintain a level playing field for all of our players.”

The NHL will not require players to wear their beach umbrella to play on the ice.

Under the rule, players will be allowed to wear an umbrella if it is worn for medical reasons.

The league said it has “dramatically reduced” the number of beach umbrella bans since the rule was first announced.

It said it will also continue to offer the following:Players will still be able to use the outdoor rink or the ice, but they will need to be at least six feet tall and wear a mask.

The NHL also said it is allowing teams to wear helmets in the outdoor arena.

The league said teams will also be allowed a helmet-to-helmet contact in the indoor arena, which will be in addition to the outdoor ice surface.

The NFL has not announced any changes.