Virginias beaches ‘could be inundated’ by Hurricane Florence

The Virginias coast is expected to be flooded as Hurricane Florence makes landfall on Saturday.

The National Weather Service in Jacksonville, Florida, said that the coast could see up to 3 feet of water in some areas of the state by Sunday morning.

The storm is expected be a Category 4 hurricane, which would make it the third strongest storm to hit the U.S. mainland in the past month.

It is the first major storm to strike the U of L area since 2005.

The hurricane has already passed the Florida Keys, where many residents are already out of their homes.

It’s also the most damaging storm to date to hit Florida.

Read more about Hurricane Florence on ABC News:The hurricane has the potential to make the Florida Gulf Coast uninhabitable by Saturday afternoon, said Mike Smith, a meteorologist at the Weather Channel.

He said the storm could bring up to two feet of rain to the region by Sunday, which could be enough to inundate some areas.

The weather service has said that winds of 75 mph are expected in the area, which will cause flooding.

Smith said that some areas will see winds of 65 mph or greater.

“If it goes into the Keys, you could see an area of 10 to 15 feet of flood water,” he said.

“If it gets to the coast, you’ll have a higher possibility of it going to the coasts of Florida.”

The storm is forecast to move into the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday night and could bring more than three feet of storm surge, according to the National Hurricane Center.