What happens when a man is forced to go naked?

IGN: So what happens when the guy decides to go for a swim naked?

Well, we asked you.

Well, he didn’t have much luck.

But then again, that wasn’t his first time, either.

We were there for the first time when his swimwear malfunctioned, so we had to get him a new swimsuit, which was pretty much what happened.

The swimsuit malfunctioned.

So it was like, “Oh, that’s what happens.

I’ll go out naked.

It’s like a bad dream.”

And then the guy decided to go out with his friends and they were like, well, we can’t have that, so he went to the beach.

And then he went out and he was wearing shorts.

And the whole time, he was just swimming naked.

So he was really freaked out, because his friends were like “Oh!

You just went out naked!”

And he was like “No, no.

I’ve just got to go to the bathroom and pee.”

And he came out of the water and he went “Oh my god, that was so weird.”

He’s like “What happened?

What did I do?”

And then everyone was like: “You went out in shorts.”

So he went back to his friends, but he was already in shorts and he didn´t want to be alone with them anymore.

So they were saying “Oh dear God, you’re not alone anymore.

We have to go get your friend.”

So they go to goget their friend and they’re like “We have to do it!”

So they get the guy, he comes out naked, he gets into the shower, he does it.

He comes out of there and they say “Oh no, that guy’s out naked.”

And I’m like “Wow, you are a big boy.”

They were like: And he says “No.


No, no.”

They are like “You’re out of your mind.”

And they are like, Well, I can’t believe it.

And they go and get their friend.

So that was the first, uh, I guess, “no” that he had ever said.

And it was weird.

It was like a dream.

But the guy said that he got so freaked that he didn`t want his friends to come back, because they are “all like, ‘Oh, well you’re going to go and swim naked?'”

And they all are like: Oh no, no, this is just weird.

So then they go get the other guy, and he goes out in his shorts, and then he goes to the pool.

And he comes back to the group of friends and he’s like, Oh, I`m out of my mind, I’m going to swim naked.

And everyone is like “Okay, okay, okay.”

And the guy goes to go goget his friend and then comes out.

And again, everyone is just like, Why did you go out in your shorts?

And he goes, I just got naked.

They’re like, What happened?

So they’re out there in the water, and the guy is in shorts, they’re saying “Wow.

You were naked!” and he says, “Yeah, no one told me I was naked.”

“Yeah,” they say.

“You should have gone out in a bathing suit.”

And this is the first that they had heard about the issue.

So this was a big, big deal.

And that’s why we didn’t want to give him a bikini for the rest of the day.

It seemed like a weird story.

And there were some guys who were like [laughing] “What?

You are going to be naked?”


“Oh yeah?”

“No no, it’s okay.”

So that’s when I just kind of went “Huh?”

That’s when we were like this is kind of a strange story.

So we said “Oh well, it was a bad one.

It happened.”

And we just wanted to try to give the guy some kind of explanation.

So the next day we went to his gym.

And I was in the locker room and I was like [laughs] “You know what?

We should give him some sort of explanation, so let`s just say, you know, we just got into a little bit of a situation.”

And so we were just like “Wait a minute.

I can tell you now that you are going out in the shower naked.”

They’re saying, “What are you going to do?

You have to get into your swimsuit.”

And “Oh really?

You’re going out naked?”

And he said, “No.”

And she goes “Oh.”

And at that point, I was just like [starts laughing] “Wow!

You are really going to tell me that you were naked.”

So I go to get my own gym bag and I pull up my swimsuit and I go, “Um, well