The craigslist holiday is here in North Carolina

Posted December 10, 2018 07:07:24 A craigslist listing for a “luxury suite” on the resort of Palm Beach in North Florida was quickly removed after a family complained that it was too expensive.

The listing was on, but the company that manages the site said the listing was removed by the site’s security team on Wednesday.

“Crazy times,” the listing read.

“No refunds, no returns, no questions asked, and no comments posted.”

The listing, which was apparently posted on Dec. 6, included photos of a man, a woman and their two children in a white two-bedroom condo with views of the ocean and the resort’s beach.

The two-story house is listed for $4.5 million, and was originally priced at $5.5, according to the listing.

A representative for the listing could not be reached for comment.

The family that complained filed a complaint with the company, which is called Luxury Resorts.

The company confirmed that it removed the listing and said that the family would be refunded $5,000.

“We are always looking for more quality listings for our resorts and the entire resort ecosystem,” Luxury said in a statement to ABC News.

“Any such listing that does not meet our standards and/or meet our expectations will be removed from the site.”

In addition to being the tallest residential building in the world, the resort is home to a spa, tennis courts and swimming pools, according the listing, and has two other properties, one on Lake Okeechobee in Orlando and the other on Lake Tahoe.

The resort was established in 2012 and has over $1 billion in revenue.

It opened in January, and now has more than 20,000 guests a day.

The Beach at Palm Beach was built to be the most exclusive destination in the South and was designed by the architect of the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

In October, the company announced that it would no longer offer any of its properties to anyone without a $5 million deposit.

The Trump Organization said at the time that its properties were not designed to be rented out to the general public.

“The majority of our guests are families with young children,” the company said in the statement.

“It is important to us that guests be comfortable in their own homes, with a view of the beach and our resort, and not at our resorts or in the parking lots of our hotels.

We encourage our guests to be patient, respectful and courteous.”