Which presidential candidate would get you the biggest job?

Hampton Beach Mayor Kevin B. Siegel and Gov.

John Hickenlooper (D) are the top contenders to succeed President Donald Trump if he leaves office, according to a new survey of political insiders and former Cabinet members.

The survey, released by Morning Consult, also found that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is among the most popular governors in the country.

In fact, Morning Consult says that the former Vermont senator is the “top choice of the political elite” for the top job.

The poll found that 74 percent of respondents thought Siegel was the most qualified candidate for the job.

Hickencoopers approval rating is also higher than other potential GOP candidates, with 72 percent approving of his handling of the state’s finances and 67 percent of his job performance.

Sinkle’s job approval is similar to those of Hicken loopers, who are more popular than the governor, who is viewed as a weak leader who is inexperienced.

Skelters approval rating was highest among Democrats and independents, while he is slightly less popular among Republicans.

Morning Consult found that Siegel is viewed favorably by 53 percent of Republicans and is viewed unfavorably by 43 percent.

Sels approval rating has also been trending higher than Trumps, who have a 56 percent approval rating among Democrats.

Sauer and Skelter have also seen significant drops in their approval ratings over the past few weeks.

The governor’s approval rating dropped to 47 percent in February, the lowest number in the survey, while Skelsters approval rating jumped to 51 percent.

Hanks approval rating fell to 36 percent last month.

Sicken was viewed unfavourably by 45 percent of Americans, while the governor is viewed positively by 51 percent of people.

Selleys approval rating also dropped to 32 percent in the poll, while Hanks has seen a bump in approval from 37 percent to 40 percent.

Morning Monitor’s analysis of the Morning Consult survey found that former President Barack Obama is viewed more favorably than he was in 2015, while Hillary Clinton is viewed less favorably than she was in 2016.

The president is seen more favorably by 51 to 49 percent of those polled.

Among those who approve of the job he is doing, more than half (54 percent) say they approve of his work as president, while only about a quarter (23 percent) disapprove.

The approval rating for Trump has not changed over the last two months, but his approval rating hasn’t held steady since the beginning of the year.

Trump has been viewed unfavorsively by 51 and favorable by 53 of those surveyed, with more than three-quarters (76 percent) saying they have no opinion.

Sixty-nine percent of Morning Consult’s sample said they believe Trump will have trouble winning the White House in 2020, compared to 51 who believe he will win.

Sinker and Selle are seen unfavourables by 56 and 57 percent of the American public, respectively.

Sikes approval rating falls to 45 percent in January, while his job approval remains at 35 percent.

The numbers are similar for Hicken, who has seen little change in his approval ratings since February.

He is viewed negatively by 56 percent of voters and favorably by 52 percent, while voters say they have a favorable opinion of the governor.

Hicker is viewed slightly less favorably by 48 percent and his job rating is still positive, while most people see him unfavourable by 47 percent.