Beach tent set to reopen after fire destroys tent in Washington

The owner of a tent that was set ablaze by a fire in Washington state said Friday that he will reopen the tent to the public after being evacuated.

The owner, Scott T. Schulte, said he will start an effort to reopen the campgrounds tent on Monday.

The fire burned in the north end of the city in late July.

Schultz said his tent caught on fire in the campground area, but that the blaze caused the tent’s roof to catch fire.

He said the tent, which has a capacity of 25 people, was completely destroyed.

The tent is being refurbished, and the owners hope to open it for the first time since July.

The Washington Fire Marshal’s Office said a fire investigator and a firefighter were at the scene and that they were able to put out the blaze.

The fire, however, spread to a second tent.

Schultz said he had no further updates Friday on the tent.

He is not the only one who has made headlines this summer after an inferno damaged his tent.

In July, a tent at a beach in Oregon burned to the ground, but firefighters were able a few hours later to put it out.