How to Survive a World of Crime

I’ve never been on a gang-filled, drug-fueled beach.

But on my way to a friend’s house, a car suddenly pulled up next to me.

The driver was armed with a handgun and yelled at me, “Get out!

You got nothing to do with that!”

The next thing I knew, I was on the ground, handcuffed, and thrown in a police cruiser.

I was taken to the county jail and taken to an isolation unit, where I was fingerprinted and photographed, then put into an isolation cell with other inmates.

The next morning, I woke up in a different cell with no clothes on.

At first, I thought it was a joke.

But the next day, I started to feel like I was in real danger.

I would get the feeling that I had to act quickly because I had nothing to lose.

I went into a local bar to meet with a friend and he introduced me to a woman.

She said, “I want you to help me get away from the gang.

I have been working on a plan to escape and I need your help.”

So, I met her in her apartment and we started talking.

She was an aspiring actress and I was a journalist.

We started talking about her escape plan and we talked about how I could get to New York City.

I explained to her how I was getting ready to leave my family, how I had a friend in the U.S. who had been working with me on my escape plan, and how I wanted to meet her in New York.

So, we talked.

I got to New Yorks, I got off the train, and I left my wife and my son in the apartment.

I didn’t tell her anything about what I was planning to do in New York.

I thought she would be worried, but then she was so excited that she asked me if I had any ideas.

I said, Yes, I know that you’ve been in trouble in the past, but I’m just a journalist and I’m not going to tell her how to do it.

She told me how she was planning on taking me to New Orleans.

That night, I had dinner with my friends at a restaurant and I told my friends I was going to New Orlesia to escape.

When I walked in the door, I said to them, “You guys, you know how much I love New York?

I’m going to escape.”

The next day I went out to the beach, where the gang members had been waiting for me.

I saw them all.

I had an opportunity to escape because I was surrounded by them, but my escape wasn’t as quick as I wanted.

One of the gangsters, who was a drug dealer, came up to me and grabbed me and held me by the neck, telling me, You got to do this or I’m gonna kill you.

I told him I would do whatever he said.

He held me back, but when I was trying to get free, he grabbed my wrist and began to drag me to the street.

I screamed and tried to run, but he caught me.

He pulled my shirt over my face and began dragging me, trying to take my phone.

He told me to stand up so he could grab my phone and my phone was in his hand.

So I was just standing there.

He said, I’m holding my phone to your neck.

He grabbed my phone, ran out the door and he ran into the street, screaming, “Where you going?

I’ll kill you.”

The gangsters who were watching me at the time began to watch.

They all started following me.

One said, Come on, I’ll take you.

Another gangster said, Where’s your escape plan?

I told them, It’s in my pants pocket.

I started walking down the street toward a parking lot and I saw a car, and the gangster in the car stopped and grabbed my leg and started dragging me.

When the gang member grabbed my arm and started pushing me, I pushed back and I started crying and crying and trying to run away.

Then, the car drove away.

That’s when I ran out of the parking lot, and then the next thing my mind is, “They are taking me out of here.”

I just ran and ran and then I jumped out of a building and started walking towards my friend’s apartment.

When my friend was on her way to the apartment, I heard the car drive away.

I ran down the stairs to my friend and my friend saw me.

She called me and told me what happened.

She had me locked up.

I think she was upset because she was afraid for my safety, and because she thought I would run.

But I said I didn`t want to run.

I just wanted to escape from this gang.

My wife and I didn´t talk about