South Carolina beachgoers react to shark attack

In the middle of a sea of people, a man jumped onto the shoreline in front of a large water tower.

A woman screamed for help, but the man refused to leave her side.

As the man climbed out onto the water tower, his body swam toward a large white shark.

He was eventually found on the water.

It was one of a handful of shark attacks that have occurred at South Carolina beaches this week, in part because the waves are higher.

Many of the attacks have happened in the summer, when the sea is much deeper.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) says the sharks’ numbers have declined in the past few years, due to the cooler temperatures, which make the water safer for people to swim in.

But the sharks, known to locals as jacks, are still very dangerous.

Some have been seen attacking humans, such as a man who was bitten on the leg by a shark in the middle or the head of a shark that bit him while swimming in the water at a beach in Key West, Florida, in July.

Other sharks have attacked children.

In February, a 5-year-old boy in Texas was bitten in the leg when a shark bit him as he was playing in the waters at a popular South Carolina vacation spot, according to CBS affiliate WFAA.

“We’ve had a lot of shark bites over the last two years, and that’s just been the trend,” said Debbie Pritchard, a spokesperson for the department.

“And we’ve had several of them over the past two years.

We’ve had some of them on children as well, and we’ve seen a lot.”

In some cases, people have been bitten while swimming or in the surf.

“There are a lot more sharks that are active in the warmer months, and they are more aggressive and territorial,” said Stephanie Williams, a shark researcher at the University of California, Davis.

“They are much more territorial and aggressive than other sharks.”

That’s why many people prefer to swim and play in the ocean rather than swim in the cold, shallow waters that the sharks thrive in.

The Department of Public Health says it’s important for people who are not at home to be aware of the dangers of shark attack and to always check with a doctor before getting into the water if they suspect they have been a victim.

“Anytime you go swimming, it’s a safe place to go, and if you’re going to get bitten, be prepared,” Williams said.

“The only thing that I would suggest is to keep your cool, don’t go near the shark, and wear a mask.”