How to buy your favorite craft beer from Hamilton Beach flexbrews

For some, it’s a hobby.

For others, it could be their second career.

It’s one thing to brew your own brew at home; it’s quite another to do so in the big city, where it takes a whole lot of time, effort, and money.

And while many local breweries are expanding into the suburbs, flexbrew is expanding into new neighborhoods.

The company has expanded into the former Homebrewers Hall of Fame, and now has a brand new facility on the former Eastside.

And for a beer lover like me, who enjoys craft beer and loves the city, flexing out the backyard isn’t too far off.

In the past, you could go to your local brewery and try their beers out; now, flex brewing has opened up the possibility of having your favorite local brews made right in your backyard.

For most of us, the only way to get a beer from a local brewery is to go to one of the many beer bars and restaurants that dot the city.

That’s why we were so excited to find out that flexbrew had expanded into a new location in downtown Hamptons.

For the last several years, the company has been building out its facility on East 14th Street.

This past weekend, we spent some time in the building and met with several of the team.

For this article, we’ll be focusing on one of their brews, an Imperial IPA called Summer’s End.

This beer has been brewing for a little while now and was brewed in collaboration with a couple of different local breweries.

This year, the beer was brewed by Flexbrew Brewing Co. of Brooklyn, New York.

They brew their beer at the company’s new facility, called the Greenhouse Brewery.

The Greenhouse brewery is actually located in the former Homestead Inn, which is located just off of East 14 Street in the Hampton neighborhood.

The original Homestead was built in 1873, which was around the time that the Hampsons first neighborhood was born.

As the neighborhood grew, the Hampons became a more and more urban area.

At that time, the area was dubbed “the Homestead, Hamptown, Hampson, Hampon” area.

The Homestead and the Homesteads neighborhoods are now divided into East and West Hamptont.

In addition to the Homepost, there are also some newer developments that are being built in East and Western Hamptondens.

This is a neighborhood where the area has gotten a little more hipster-friendly and it’s where a lot of the hipster culture and bars have taken root.

One of those bars is the Homeland.

There are a couple hipster bars in the Homeport area, which are the Homers and the Hammers.

When we were visiting the Homemen in 2016, we were told that they had a bar with a few hipsters in it.

They were very cool and friendly.

They have a great patio and a bar where people can sit down and have a drink.

They also have a full kitchen and kitchenette area.

In a way, this is a hipster bar, but with a bit more of a hipness.

They put the food up on the walls and have food trucks in the bar area.

There’s also a rooftop deck that gives a really cool view of the city and all the things that the area can be, which I’m sure the locals would love.

The beer is also brewed by a couple local breweries, and there are other beers available as well.

For instance, the Imperial IPA has a nice, smooth, and smooth malt flavor.

The malt is a nice touch.

I liked that the beer has a little bit of a sweet and slightly bitter finish.

The aroma of the beer comes out on the finish.

There was some citrus and a little pine in the finish, which really made the beer stand out.

The flavors are all in balance.

This was a really good experience to have.

This might not be your typical IPA, but the Imperial is still an IPA.

There is a hop bitterness in the aroma and finish that is balanced out nicely by the malt and hop flavors.

It really did feel like a hoppy beer.

For those of you who are new to flex brewing, it may seem like a lot to get all your favorite beers made in your own backyard.

But it can actually be quite rewarding if you have the time and patience to get into the groove.

You can actually brew at your home, so it doesn’t feel like you’re doing a lot more than you are.

I love the fact that you can really brew your beer at home and enjoy it in the backyard, just like you enjoy drinking in a bar.

It makes it easy for people to get started and it allows them to enjoy the beers they enjoy drinking at home.

When you’re a newbie, it can be a bit overwhelming, but flex brewing is a great place to