Manhattan Beach’s beach is one of the world’s best

A man who spent his summer at the Manhattan Beach area in California is giving his home a makeover to make it a beach paradise.

Michael J. Sullivan spent his summers as a kid at the Sunset Boulevard pier and watched the waves crash on the beach at Sunset Beach, in southern California.

Now the retired teacher from New York City has opened his home to the public for a day, taking over the front lawns and adding some of the most popular spots in the area.

Mr Sullivan, 70, opened his property in mid-December with a new set of landscaping and a new surfboard.

The most popular area of the property is the sandbar on Sunset Beach where Mr Sullivan has a swimming pool and surfboards, as well as an infinity pool, he said.

There are other surfers and surfers-only areas, including a pool and a small swimming pool, Mr Sullivan said.

“It’s all the little places that we did and have done,” he said, adding that the biggest change is adding the infinity pool.

Mr Mitchell said the area was very popular during the summer and has been since the 1970s.

“You would think that the surfers wouldn’t be here anymore but there are so many,” he told ABC News.

Mr Patterson said Mr Sullivan is the biggest draw of the beach.

“I would say the biggest draws are the surf, the lifeguards and the surfboarders,” he added.

“They make it the perfect spot for kids.”

The Sunset Beach Boardwalk in Manhattan Beach, California, is a popular spot for beach goers in the Sunset area.

(Photo: Mike Mitchell, ABC News)The Sunset Boardwalk, on the north end of the boardwalk, is the area’s most popular spot.

“We were told it was the safest place to be in, and it’s been since we have had a child, so that’s really exciting,” Mr Mitchell said.

The surfboard and pool will stay as they are, he added, adding: “I would not like to take any chances.”

A man who has spent much of his life at the boardwalks home has taken over the home for the day.

(Photos: Michael J. Mitchell, Mike Mitchell)New York City resident Michael J Mitchell opened his own beach house in mid December to the point that it had become a tourist attraction.

(Video: Mike P. Patterson)The former schoolteacher opened his Sunset Beach home to tourists and surf fans last year after his daughter bought him a home in the city.

The new beach house features a new pool and an infinity swimming pool.

(Pictures: Michael Mitchell)Mr Mitchell says the beach was popular during summer and his daughter had been visiting him for a year.

“My daughter went up to visit me a few weeks ago and it was fantastic.

It was just such a special place,” Mr Sullivan told ABC’s World News Tonight.”

There’s not a lot of people in the neighbourhood.

There are only about 40 surfers in there, and we just have surfers.”

The new pool, however, was not the only change Mr Sullivan made to the home.

“All the water is now bigger and I’m changing the walls, the doors and all the stuff around the pool,” he explained.

“The sandbar has now been replaced with a bigger one and the pool has been updated to include the surfboards.”

Mr Sullivan said the pool was one of his favourites and has made the place a beach spot.

Mr Paterson said the new surf pool had a bigger capacity.

“So now it’s bigger than it was,” he joked.

“But I still have the surf board so we’ll just have to see what happens.”

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