What you need to know about the hottest beach houses in Puerto Rico

With its tropical heat, abundant beaches and breathtaking views, Puerto Rico has become a favorite vacation spot for many.

But if you’ve never been to the popular tourist spot, you’re missing out.

Here are some of the hottest and most expensive beaches in Puerto Rican territory, as well as the best options for a night out.


Belmar Beach, Puerto Rican capital More: The beach house at Belmar beach is not a luxury resort, but a popular spot for locals to spend time.

The house at the resort offers a stunning view of the island.

This is one of the best beaches in the world to go to on a beach day, but not for the faint of heart.

The price is the same at $1,200 a night for a room at the beach house, but with the addition of a pool and a spa, the cost is even higher.


Cancun, Mexico More: Cancuns beaches are famous for the hot springs that dot the sandy shores and the spectacular views.

But in the middle of Mexico, you’ll find some of Puerto Rico’s most popular beach homes.

The best options are in Cancuna, the country’s third-largest city.

There, you can rent a beach house for $2,800 a night, but the resort is more affordable, with rooms costing $1 and a pool costing $200 a day.


Culebra, Puerto Rica More: While you can’t get to Culebras famous beaches, it’s still worth a trip for the view.

This resort has some of Mexico’s best views and the resort houses have spectacular views of the city.

Culinhas beach, where you can find a stunning sunset over the sea.


San Cristobal, Puerto Ricos capital More : This beach home is located at the foot of San Cristoob on the island of San Juan, and it’s an ideal location for a quick trip.

There are plenty of restaurants, shops and entertainment options in the neighborhood, which is located just a few hours away from the capital city.

The resort has a spa and a water park, and you can even take a walk in the water with the pool and the water slide.


El Población, Puerto Rios More: El Poblico, the capital of Puerto Rican island of Puerto Río, is located on the southern tip of Puerto Ricas main island, which makes it a popular tourist destination.

El Puerta Beach, which boasts some of its best views, is a popular resort spot for people from the mainland.

The beach home offers the best views of San Ríos city center, and the beach home also offers a beautiful view of nearby beaches, like San Antonio and El Pampa.


San Pedro Sula More: Located just north of San Pedro, this is the closest of Puerto Rica’s three main islands to the mainland, and its beach houses offer a spectacular view.

The location of the beach homes is also one of its better, and is well worth a visit, because of the view from the top of the resort.

The island is home to a huge population of Spanish speakers, and while they prefer the warmer weather, you don’t need to worry about staying in the hot sun.


La Granada More: This beach is located right in the center of La Granadilla, a resort city in Puerto Rio.

The town has a number of popular beaches, including El Pombal, El Pintor and La Bajadas, which all offer stunning views of Puerto Roanavilla.

This beach has a pool, a spa spa and an entertainment area.


Boca de Navidad More: You won’t find this resort as popular as the other two, but you’ll still find a few popular beaches nearby.

The Boca del Sur beach house is a good choice if you’re looking for a great beach, but be sure to book ahead.

The pool at the Boca is also great, and there’s also a private beach house that costs $1 a night.


La Paz More: If you’re in the area of La Pazzaro, Puerto Roamos second-largest island, you should consider this resort.

This island is famous for its beaches, and these are some pretty spectacular.

The two best options in Puerto Rica are La Paza and La Pascua, both of which offer views of Santa Cruz, the city that’s the capital.

The other option is La Poblacion, where the resort house is situated, which costs $2.5 a night with a pool.


Puerto Rico beach rentals in Puerto Roa More: Here are a few of the top Puerto Rico beaches, but it’s important to note that these are just a sample of the many popular resorts that are available to rent. Beaches in