How to save $500 on your birthday with the best deals on hotels, dining and events

Florida’s best deals for birthday celebrations are now available online.

The Florida Tourism Agency has teamed up with Airbnb to provide a list of best-selling Airbnb and Bedrock hotels, a list that can be found here.

Florida also offers a list to book vacation rentals with its Airbnb and partners.

The list of Florida’s most popular Airbnb rentals are:The list also includes an Airbnb booking for “Fresno, Florida” with the price set at $9,000.

The booking also includes the option to rent out the property for the entire trip.

This booking will not include a deposit, and it is the second most popular booking for the hotel in the state, according to the listing.

Bookings are available for the following destinations:The most popular vacation rentals for the next three weeks are: