How the West Coast of Israel is becoming a tourist attraction


(AP) — The West Coast is becoming an attraction for some in Israel and the West Bank, where people flock for a glimpse of the sunset and the beach.

The area has become the epicenter of Israel’s booming tourist industry.

The Israeli and the Palestinian settlements in the West bank have grown over the past few decades.

Now, the Palestinian side has more than 50 percent of the West coast, making it one of the largest tourism areas in the world, said Shimon Zunger, the Israeli tourism minister.

That’s why the Israeli government has launched a tourism campaign to promote Israel’s national parks and beaches.

Tourism has helped the country boost its economy and has also boosted tourism in Israel’s southern cities, which have also become major hubs for international visitors.

Zunger says Israel’s economy is on the verge of a historic renaissance.

Israel now has more tourists than any other country, and is the only country in the Middle East that has been growing at a healthy rate for several decades.

Israel, which has an estimated 1.5 million tourists a year, has enjoyed a renaissance over the years.

Tourism has boomed in recent years as Israelis embrace Israel’s unique culture and its close proximity to the West.

Tourists enjoy a view of the Gaza Strip during a visit to the Israeli settlement of Har Homa, south of Gaza City, May 15, 2018.

Israel has become one of Europe’s biggest tourism hubs.

Its tourism industry is estimated to have grown by more than $8 billion in the last five years, according to Tourism Israel.

Israel’s tourism industry was worth $8.7 billion in 2017, up from $8 million in 2018.

Tourist arrivals have more than doubled to 1.7 million last year from just 2,000 in 2014, Tourism Israel said.

Israel also is one of three countries in the European Union that has a tourism bureau, and it has also become the largest market in the United States, where visitors from the U.S. and other Western countries spend $1 billion in Israel each year.

In addition to being a key destination, Israel’s beach resorts attract thousands of tourists a day from around the world.

A beach in the Israeli city of Ramat Gan is popular with Israeli families visiting from around Asia, including the U!

S., Canada and the Middle-East.

Touristic activities include hiking, sailing, surfing and boating.

It is also the destination for some Israelis who are drawn to Israel’s remote and rugged coastline.