How to prevent or treat the flu – Part 1

The flu vaccine is designed to prevent the flu, not just to protect people from the flu.It doesn’t protect against a coronavirus, which can be transmitted through coughing and sneezing.You can protect yourself from the virus with the regular flu shot, but not if you are allergic to the vaccine.The […]

What you need to know about naked beaches

When you’re out and about in Australia, it can be a lonely place.But with some of the country’s most popular beaches open to the public for the first time, it’s something to celebrate.“It’s an amazing opportunity to have your nude bathing suit out and enjoying the sun, to be in […]

Craigslist’s long beach to sell for $15 million

Long Beach, California (CNN) Craigslist is closing its long beach in the state for sale.The popular website announced Thursday that it was closing its beach, located in Belmar Beach, for sale to the public for a reported $15.8 million.It is the first major listing for the beach since it opened […]

How did Rosemary Beach get its name?

On the south end of the Palmetto Bay Boardwalk, there’s an imposing structure that’s a nod to its namesake, a Confederate-era naval ship that was sunk by Japanese forces during World War II.In the past decade, a number of prominent local residents have been pushing for the name to be […]


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